So, my double date last night……….uhm……. Let’s just say that unless he can “control himself” a little better with the PDA….then I’m not really too into the whole “cocky jock” type guy. …….Even if he is so damn attractive and smells delicious and gives really good hugs and yeah….. If last night was not my first time meeting him, I wouldn’t have minded it as much. But guys….he was ALL over me. We were bowling, and anytime that I would do something good (from getting a strike to just “looking adorable”), I would get a kiss on either the head or cheek. And well, apparently I did great because I lost track of how many fucking times he kissed me. Oh yeah, he was doing a terrible job bowling and we were making fun of him. So, a bet was made. If he got a strike, then I had to give him a kiss on the cheek…….he got one. I tried to not do it, but he said that if I didn’t then he was going to make it be on the lips. Since I’m so tiny, there was no chance of me being able to avoid him. Literally, he was just grabbing me, picking me up, pulling me around, playing with my hands, etc. So, I gave him his kiss and he complained that it was a bad one… I had to do it again -_____- The night went on, and there were more hugs/kisses on the head cheek/etc. and then when we all said goodbye, he wanted an actual kiss. But, I refused and just gave him another on the cheek c; ……and then he picked me up -___-

LOL I love failed double dates.

2 days with no questions?

This is weird….I’m used to having at least 3 or so questions each time I log on. But it has given me some time to hang out with friends, get homework done, and to also go spend time with my boyfriend and his family, which is always nice! :)

But seriously guys, if you or anyone you might know have any questions for me, please feel free to ask! <3

Anonymous said: So there's this guy I liked about a few months. He told me that he liked me and we hook up. Then he hook up with my bestfriend and I honestly really care but then they stopped talking. Then we hook up again and it was a serious hook up but no sex. Now he doesn't talk to me as much and I have every class with him. And I really don't wanna ask him why he doesn't talk to me. But all I want from him is just for me and him to be friends again like we were. What do I do, help?

Oh my. Well…..were you and him really good friends before all the hooking up went on? Or did the two of you become closer as the hooking up continued to go on?

Please try to answer this question for me if you can. I feel like I need to know the “for sure” answer to this before I can do anything else to try to help.. Thank you <3

Anonymous said: so there's this guy, and he cheated on me, and i took him back..we've been bestfriends since 4th grade and what we had was amazing. when he cheated on me he was high as a kite and i know they say that cheating is a choice not a mistake and that a cheater will always be a cheater, but we're going great. do you think i made the wrong choice?

I think you made the right choice. You are risking getting hurt again, but if you trust him not to do it again then you shouldn’t worry what other says. You guys are obviously close, and as long as you have talked through the situation with him then I think you will be fine<3

I have friends who have cheated in their relationships, but have actually turned around and are no longer the type of person that would ever do that. Maybe that happened to him too! :)

Anonymous said: okay so there is this guy that i fell head over heals for and at the time he broke up with his gf for me and he was bestfriend i could do anything with him by my side but about 2 mouths into hooking up i found out he was talking to his X again. so i stoped talking to him and its been alittle over a mouth since ive talk to him but i think about him ever day and still sometimes even cry. im trying to talk to a new boy but i cant seam to get over the fact that hes not the one i want

By talking to his ex, do you mean like they were just friends? Or that they were “talking”, as in flirting and such? Because I mean, it is pretty normal for exes to communicate a lot after the break up. That’s how I was with my ex-boyfriend.

However, I think that you should try talking to him again. Maybe see where things went wrong between the two of you, and try to figure it all out. If him and his ex aren’t currently “back together” or something, then I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you talking to him again! Heck, even if they are back together, try talking to him again! Push aside what happened in the past, and try to start over new :)

Anonymous said: he told me he had feelings for me, on Friday. On sunday, he told me there's only one girl he had feelings for. My best friend. </3 what to do?

Is your best friend aware of this? Make sure you talk about the situation with her, since she obviously is involved in everything.

Also, this boy does sound like he could be leading you on…..I really doubt that a guys feelings could change that quickly. When he told you about liking your best friend, did he refer back to what he told you on that Friday? How he originally said that he had feelings for you, and now they “magically changed” to be towards your best friend? Try talking to him about this sudden change in his feelings, and see what he has to say about it.

I have lots of experience in guys feelings for girls changing “very quickly”. So, I can honestly tell you that there is a possibility that he still does like you too. Depending on how you reacted to what he said on Friday, maybe he thinks that you don’t have feelings for him and is trying to find someone new to move on to? Unless you did tell him that you have feeling for him……In that case, I stick with my opinion on trying to talk to him about why his “feelings” changed so quickly.

Anonymous said: thanks for you help <3

Anytime!<3 (:

Anonymous said: So there's this guy and we met last year and we've become best friends and we flirt like crazy and everybody already ask if we are a couple and we act like one from him picking me up spinning me around, holding hands in class, our looks that make other people how we can stare at each other for that long, but here's the catches one he has a girlfriend and two he said that he likes me more than a friend but couldn't see do it in fear of ruining our friendship. what do i do? help me please :(

When I read this, I actually pictured the “two of you” in my head doing all of these little things and I must say….the two of you sound adorable :3

However, if he thinks that he may like you more than a friend, he may want to question whether or not he should be dating this girl or not. I know this isn’t advice for you really, but you should try talking to him about it. Then, if he really does have feelings for you the two of you could possibly work towards something in the future? (:

I just think that he probably shouldn’t have a girlfriend while he’s acting all “flirty” with you. So, it’s kind of like he needs to choose one or the other. It would be terrible for him to continue to act this way towards you while he still has a girlfriend. Try talking to him about everything I just said I think? That would help, I believe (:

Anonymous said: i had already sent you my issue and i honestly just want to say thank you. i will follow what you say and tell you how it goes. thank you <3 !

You’re welcome! <3 (:

First day is a success!

Day one is coming to an end, and I’ve answered around 30 questions so far and have almost 100 followers! A pretty good start for my blog, I think!

I’m going to go away for a few hours now to finish up some homework and such, but I will probably be back later tonight to check my messages one last time before going to bed!

Also, I picked a temporary avatar for the blog. “Up” tells a perfect love story, in my opinion, so I thought it was fitting ;)

Oh, and one last thing! If anyone has any suggestions for my blog, such as ideas for posts, pictures, etc. in the future, feel free to let me know! I’m thinking of starting a collection of pictures with little bits of advice on them in the future, but I’m open to listen to any suggestions that you guys might have!

Thank you so much, and I hope that everyone has a great day/night! <3